Simple finances

18 Sep 2011

So thinking through what I would like from my "ideal" bank account and from an ideal credit card, here is the list:

Bank Account:
  • No interest (0%) (A bank is the worst saving's instrument anyway)
  • Less than Rs. 10,000 Average Quarterly Balance requirement
  • More than 5 ATM accesses permitted per month, free of charge from any ATM across the country
  • Payable-At-Par chequebook facility
  • ATM only card, no debit or shopping facility, single day withdrawal upto Rs. 25,000

Credit Card:
  • Reminder service; 1 week, 3 days and 1 day before my payment becomes due
  • A week's grace period after due date, during which if I pay the amount in full, all charges (such as late payment, interest) are reversed :-)
  • Credit limit hard boundary at Rs. 30,000 per month
  • Don't need any scheme of "cash back" or "rewards". A credit card is only for convenience never for credit

And seriously I think I would actually be willing to PAY for services that simple. If any of you guys know of some bank that can provide me these services please do drop me a comment.