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Mohammad Haris Minai
Doctoral candidate at IIM Lucknow
H +91-9044823169
2012–present Fellow Program in Management, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, India.
The Fellow Program in Management (FPM) is a doctoral level program offered by the Indian
Institutes of Management.
{ Expected completion: June 2016
{ CGPA for coursework: 8.4/10.0
{ Advisor: Dr. Shailendra Singh
1998–2012 Semiconductor industry, Please see "Work Experience" section of vita for details.
1994–1998 B.Tech. (Electronics Engineering)
, ZHCET, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India.
A four year bachelors program in engineering, established in 1988.
{ Dissertation: Development of Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters in VHDL
{ CGPA: 8.1/10.0
1992–1994 Senior Secondary School Certificate, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India.
Qualifying exam for all university and college studies in India
{ Aggregate percentage: 81%
1992 GCE O’ Levels, University of London, School Examinations board.
Equivalent to 11 years of education as per English system
{ Grade A: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
{ Grade B: Pure Mathematics, and English
Research in Progress
Topic: Transformational Leadership, Affective Displays and Follower Thinking Processes.
In this study we explore the interactive effects of leadership, and leader affective displays
on follower thinking processes. Using a 2x2 experimental design, participants are randomly
assigned to transformational or non-transformational leadership displaying either positive
affect or negative affect. The participants are tasked with a divergent thinking task and
a convergent thinking task. The order in which the tasks are presented is randomized.
Follower persistence (motivation) and performance on the tasks are the dependent variables.
Status: Data collection complete. Currently coding data. Analysis and write up pending.
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Topic: A Dynamic Dialectical Model of Individual Innovation
A new model if proposed for individual innovation. It adds dynamism and a dialectical
perspective. Current models of innovation do not adequately capture these aspects of
innovation. We club activities required for innovation into "convergence seeking" and
"divergence seeking", joined by an iterative process. This model helps to explain the
inconsistent and sometimes contradictory findings in the literature of individual innovation.
A computational model (system dynamics) is planned to be used for initial validation of
this model.
Status: Initial model has been developed. Feedback is being requested for this model.
Topic: Leading for Innovation: A balancing act
The role of leadership in innovation is explored through a dynamic dialectical perspective. A
dynamic dialectical model of individual innovation that is developed as a separate research
activity is sought to be further validated during this research. We theorize about the
mechanisms by which leaders can have an effect on individual innovation and then validate
the model by a phased multi-report cross sectional study.
Hypothesis and study design is done. Indian organizations are being invited to participate
in this research study.
Under review
Gupta M., and
Minai M. H. An Evaluation of Forecast Performance of GDP Growth in
India, Indian Economic Review.
Working Minai M. H.
, Jauhari H., and Singh S.
Exploring the boundary conditions of the rela-
tionship between LMX and Work Engagement., IIML WPS2014-15/11
Jauhari H.,
Minai M. H.
, and Singh S.
The role of Transformational Leadership in
Psychologically Empowering frontline service employees., IIML WPS 2014-15/02
In progress Minai M. H.
, Jauhari H., Kumar M. and Singh S.
Unbundling the Dimensions of Trans-
formational Leadership: Role in Predicting Psychological Empowerment.
In progress Minai M. H.
, and Sahay Y. P.
Strength of Organizational Culture, Innovative Work
Behaviors and Fit: A relational analysis.
2014 Minai M. H.
, Jauhari H., and Singh S.,
LMX and Work Engagement: A Study of Personal
and Organizational Moderators.
, Paper presented at the XXIV Annual Convention of NAOP
2014, Bhopal, India.
Gupta M., and
Minai M. H. An empirical analysis of forecast performance of GDP
growth in India.
, Poster presented at the 2nd Pan-IIM World Management (International)
Conference, IIM Kozhikode, India.
2008 Kafeel M. A., Samad A., and Minai M. H. (2008, March, 29th 30th) Basics of FPGA
design in context of the AES algorithm.
Paper presented at National Conference on
Emerging Technologies (NCET-08), Lucknow, India.
Kafeel M. A., and
Minai M. H.
(2007, September, 8th and 9th)
FPGA based AES
Hardware implementation for secure management of systems.
Paper presented at All India
Seminar on Communication Convergence (Institution of Engineers), Lucknow, India.
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Honors, Awards and Achievements
Selected as one of four Organizational Behavior scholars across India to present at inaugural
OB conference held at Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, India.
Stood joint first in Srijan 2014, an HR business case competition held at Tata Institute of
Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, India.
Other Activities
Coordinated and conducted reviews for IAM 4th Biennial Conference to be held at IIM
Lucknow, Noida Campus.
2014 Reviewer for Pan-IIM World Management Conference to be held at IIM Indore, India.
2015 Reviewer for SMA Annual Meeting 2015.
Assisted in the creation of course outline for first course in Organizational Behavior for
MBA students.
2015 Coordinator for interview of short listed doctoral candidates, IIM Lucknow, India.
2015 Reviewer for AOM Annual Meeting 2015.
2014 Reviewer for Pan-IIM World Management Conference held at IIM Kozhikode, India.
Organized 5-day workshop for doctoral students on
Social Network Analysis
Equation Modelling, IIM Lucknow, India.
2014 Organized 3-day workshop for doctoral students on Meta-analysis, IIM Lucknow, India.
Took a half hour session on "Leadership and Mentoring" for second year MBA students at
IIM Lucknow, India.
Invited lecture on
"Hardware accelerators for Network Security"
at workshop on "Network
Security and Applications", Institute of Engineers, Women’s Polytechnic, Aligarh, India.
Technical training on
Verilog Hardware Description Language
, for fresh graduates, Freescale
Semiconductors, Noida, India.
Computer Skills
Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint Statistics SPSS, AMOS, LISREL, R
Writing L
X, JabRef(BibTex), Pandoc Languages R, C, Verilog, VHDL
Work Experience
2005–2012 Applications Engineering Manager, Freescale Semiconductors, Noida, India.
Started off as a
Senior IC Design Engineer
in 2005, was promoted to
Design Manager
in 2006. In
2009 I changed business group to
Applications Engineer
and was promoted to
Applications Engineering Manager in 2010.
2004–2005 Lead Engineer, Texas Instruments, Bangalore, India.
2003–2004 Senior Design Engineer, Interra Systems, Noida, India.
2001–2003 ASIC Design Engineer, Cogency Semiconductors, Toronto, Canada.
2001–2001 Emulation Engineer, Tundra Semiconductor, Ottawa, Canada.
1998–2000 Team Lead, STMicroelectronics, Noida, India.
Was Design Engineer for 9 months and for the rest of the duration I worked as a Team Lead.
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Dr. Shailendra Singh Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharya
Professor HRM Area
Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
Professor Decision Sciences Area
Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
Dr. Arup Varma
Professor Quinlan Business School
Loyola University Chicago
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