Presenting a Faculty Recruitment Seminar

23 Apr 2016

What is a thesis?

  • Plan your thesis as a collection of 3 papers
  • Never write a “thesis”, write 3 papers and collect them to form a thesis
  • Position your papers within the literature
    • Once you are done with your papers, go back to your literature review and look at how your contribution fits within the existing literature
  • Use the “Introduction” and “Conclusion” chapters to link together your 3 papers
  • The flow of your thesis should not be compromised

The Presentation

  • Present your strongest work
  • Be comfortable with failure
  • Practice using dry runs preferably actual FRSs
    • Your first FRS will test you. View it as a learning experience
  • Let the slides show only what you are discussing. Avoid getting questions on bullet 3 while talking about bullet 2
    • Unveil bullets when you get to them
  • Remember you are not being judged only on your research abilities but also on your teaching abilities
  • Need to motivate the audience to listen to the complete story, or as much as possible. Try to keep area specific items to a minimum and club them together in one place.
  • Direct attention of audience with the use of animation etc.
  • Write down each and every query you get. It will help you in preparing for future FRSs
  • An FRS is not a closed book exam, take your notes, have a cue card
  • Lead to the questions that you want asked
  • At the end link back to the beginning. Close the loop.
    • Ensure connect between implications and findings
  • Don’t talk too much, be pertinent and to the point
  • Answer 3 questions:
    1. Why is the question important?
    2. Has the question been well researched?
    3. Has the question been answered?