Delivering a thesis presentation

14 May 2015

Learnings from attending seminars

During seminars some questions keep cropping up repeatedly. Presenters would do well to address these queries up front. This is an ongoing collection of such queries.

  • Why is there a gap?
  • Definition of terms
    • Completely
    • Unambiguously
  • Specific examples to support your conclusions
  • What would happen in the reverse situation
  • Justification of inferences, particularly for qualitative research
  • Encourage questions, allow questions to complete and then answer
  • Answer at least the following questions in your presentation
    • Why is your work important?
    • What is new in your work?
    • What is non-obvious or novel in your work?
  • Purely qualitative research needs very solid theoretical backing
  • For inferences from case studies, use external data for validation
  • Get access to documents if you do qualitative research, record interviews, get them transcribed by someone other than you.
  • Work like a historian
  • Tell it like a good story teller