Learnings on teaching and making presentations

11 Feb 2015


  1. Maintaining in-class discipline, at least establish norms in the first class
  2. Avoid Cliches
  3. Pose queries with clear expectations of the solution space
  4. Address the whole class, if student interaction is desired, ensure that student is audible to whole class as well
  5. Use examples, metaphors and analogies that make sense of the audience


  1. Have two sections, basic and advanced
  2. Think like the audience
  3. For technical stuff, quote sources but explain in simple terms
  4. Explain graphs, metrics very clearly, specially interpretation
  5. Know your literature like the back of your hand
  6. Use no jargon, if unavoidable, define on first use
  7. Help your audience jump to the implication, story telling
  8. Green does not show up well in presentations
  9. Use a pointer. If you don't need a pointer, you don't need slides