For whom the bell tolls

10 Mar 2008

This post was originally on mouthshut, but then I decided to consolidate

It is difficult to wait for your time in the sun. Odd hours and hectic schedules are all about motion with no movement. Life goes on.

Then once in a while someone wakes up to the craziness of it all and decides that they have had enough. They step away. And to a better place. For now. The wheel, however rolls on, unforgivingly. It takes no prisoners. It spares none. A year, an eon gone by. The dreaded moment comes again like the ticking of the seconds hand of the clock. Once more the odd hours the hectic schedule. More motion, less movement. Life goes on

Then an event happens, a New Year, a birthday, a heart attack, a loved one's death. Time stops but for a while. Life rushes past and memories flood over. We get time to look at ourselves in the mirror and we don't like what we see. We don't like where we are going. We jump. Safely? Maybe with some bruises. We dust ourselves, stand and look around. The world is a different place. It has sun rises too! The flowers have aromas sweeter than any perfume. The colours of the rainbow are more radiant, more deep than our 32bit reality, than our 2.5inch window to the world. We breath. Lungs fill out. For once there is more oxygen than nicotine. And this time also, life goes on. :-)