Comparison of mini desktop GNU/Linux distributions

31 Aug 2006


Recently I got my hands on puppy linux and DSL and I must say they both amazed me. In fact they looked so interesting that I decided to do a comparative study of the "mini" linux distributions out there. Here I shall try to summarize what I learnt.

First, some disclaimers:
  • I am a relative linux newbie
  • My comments are going to be totally subjective
  • I am unassociated with either distribution (thought that might change)
  • Don't know ALL mini linux distributions but would love to hear more

Second, my criteria
  • I am considering desktop linuxes, no resuce cds, utility stuff e.t.c.
  • "mini" to me means small enough to fir on a mini-cd (185MB). Though both of these are less than 70MB, I think a distribution uptil 185MB can be considered "mini"
  • The distro need not run from memory. Though with current machines having 1GB of RAM, I see no reason why a 185MB distro should be unable to run from memory